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A response to a question is always for the person asking the question. There is no right or single answer to any question. The value is in the questioning itself, not the ``answer.'' Some value can also be found in considering the means used to proceed from the question to the response given.
    This is a transcription of tapes of a brief question and answer period that occurred during July of 1995; along with some other questions and responses (such as from Usenet News).

     By the way, if you're using the frames interface, the table of contents on the left will obviously take you to a question and response immediately in this frame, the Q&R frame. What is not so obvious is that the question mark in the Q&R frame will move the table of contents to that question. So if you get here by jumping into the middle, you can always position the table of contents in the left frame to where you are in the Q&R frame by selecting the question mark in the Q&R frame.

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