Question: Why is there so much war? Why are people always killing each other? Why is it that it's always the children who suffer?

    So in other words, somebody doesn't like violence. So I guess the real question is, ``Why is there violence?''
    If I have as a purpose of living to do the impossible, then the only thing I can do is try to destroy what is and turn it into something else. It's really simple, isn't it? That's the only option I have.
    If my purpose of living is impossible, the only thing I can do is try to destroy the world so I can create a world where my purpose is possible. So, why should we be surprised if there's violence? Our whole purpose of living is to destroy the world, and then we ask questions like, ``Why is there violence?'' It doesn't make any sense, does it?
    And there's no such thing as why are the children always the ones that get hurt. Everybody gets hurt, it's just very, extremely, upsetting when somebody helpless gets hurt.
    Somehow it's justifiable to commit violence on someone who's not helpless -- we can usually convince ourselves that they did something to deserve it.
    But with somebody who is truly helpless, yeah, that's very annoying to us -- but apparently not enough to change our purpose of living so we won't have to do it anymore.
    So the person who is asking the question is doing it. Because they want to change the world into a place where kids won't get hurt. Which means they're trying to destroy the world as it is and create another kind of world. So they're doing the very thing they're upset about, aren't they? What a joke.

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