Question: Is there a God; and if so why does He let people suffer?

    (laugh) No, I'm laughing just because there's someone who wrote an entire book about that; and it took them probably 200 pages to answer that question. I mean it sounds like a simple question but to really answer it took a very intelligent man some 200 pages to answer.
    Anybody who asks, ``Is there a God?'' and then says, ``if there is'' is hedging their bet, aren't they? So, I'm not even going to answer, ``is there a God?''
    Obviously, the person thinks that there is a God, they just don't want to believe that God would do such and such; so maybe He doesn't exist. But they obviously believe that He must, or they wouldn't ask that question.
    God doesn't let anybody suffer, the gist of the answer -- is that to keep us from being puppets, we had to have free will. The minute you have free will, you have to be aware of when you are hurting yourself. In other words, if we were puppets, God could make sure that we never did anything that would damage us: so you would never be clumsy; you would never put your hand in fire -- because He already knows that putting your hand in fire would hurt you; you would never hit your hand with a hammer; you would never trip, everything would be lovely. Except that we wouldn't exist.
    Without the ability to have free will, and separate myself from God, I don't exist.
    So if we create the perfect world where no one ever experiences pain, I cease to exist. If we want a world where I exist, that means I have the option of doing things that hurt me. I have to learn that hitting myself damages me and that means I have to experience something I don't like to keep from doing it again.
    So pain is absolutely necessary as long as there is free will. Suffering is when people think that pain is bad.
    So God doesn't let people suffer: people create suffering by thinking that experiencing pain to tell me I'm hurting myself is bad. So the question has nothing to do with God, it has to do with ``I'm sorry that I exist.''
    It says, ``free will is not worth the price,'' that's what it says. That's sad, isn't it? It says, ``I hate my life and I don't want it.'' Because I don't want to take responsibility for the fact that I have to learn what's good for me. And what's not good for me.
    So that whole question that everybody asks about why is there so much suffering in the world and why does God allow it means that they don't want to exist. Personally, I'd just suggest that they check out -- if they don't like it here, leave. But then they got mad back when we said that about America back in the 60's, so I guess they won't like that answer, either, will they?

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