Question: Why is everyone against me?

    I don't know. Maybe its just because you're so annoying.
    I shouldn't do this cause you folks are going to type this: but you know that reminds me of the Abraham story. Have you heard that?

    I don't remember.

    ``Why me, oh Lord, why me?'' Have you heard that one?

    I don't think so.

    Once upon a time there was a fellow named Abraham who was a pretty unlucky fellow, we'd call him. We'll pick the story up near the end, because the list of his ventures and their sad endings is just too long to bear.
    Towards the end of his days, he owned a little shop somewhere. And it looked like everything was finally going to work out for him. He was making a modest living -- just about enough to support his family -- and was friends with many of the other shopkeepers who had stores near him.
    But, one day, there was a big flood in the town where he had his shop, and the street in front of his shop became a river.
    When he finally could get to his shop to see what had happened, he found that it had been demolished. Somehow the river had run right through his shop and destroyed or washed away everything -- thus saving all the other shops around his. And he didn't have insurance to cover floods, because it was too expensive where he lived.
    So, when the rest of his neighboring shopkeepers came to check out their shops, they found Abraham on the sidewalk beating his head on the ground and saying, over and over again, ``Why me?
    ``Why is it always me, oh, Lord? No matters what happens, its always me!
    ``Why me, oh, Lord? Why is it always me?''
    And so on. The rest of the shopkeepers did the best they could to console him, but he was inconsolable, and just kept repeating, ``Why me, oh, Lord?'' over and over again.
    Finally, one of the shopkeepers said, ``I have a small farm outside of town. There's is a small home on the farm. You can go live there with your family and farm the land for me, if you want. And, if there is a good crop, you can even have a share in whatever it sells for.''
    So that's what Abraham did. He took his family to his friend's farm, and for a while it looked like everything was finally going to work out for Abraham.
    They had a good life there. They liked their few neighbors, and the kids liked their schools and friends. And after all the rain it looked like there was going to be a bumper crop, and Abraham might even have a stake in a year or two to go out and start his own business again.
    After a while, it was just about time to begin the harvest. Abraham was so excited, because it looked like his terrible streak of bad luck was finally over.
    But, just a few days before they were going to harvest the crops, a terrible lightning storm went through the area, hit his fields, and burned the farm to the ground. As they stood outside their home, watching everything go up in flames, it just became too much for Abraham.
    He fell to the ground, and began to wail his familiar song: ``Why me, oh, Lord? Why me?''
    His neighbors came to help, but no one could console him this time. His neighbors took his family into their homes and cared for him, but Abraham just could not get up off the ground.
    He just kept wailing, ``Why me, oh, Lord? Why is it always me?''
    Finally, a huge voice boomed out of the sky, ``Oh, I don't know, Abraham. There's just something about you that ticks me off.''
    We really just answered that question, didn't we? ``Why is everyone against me?''
    Because everyone thinks that the world should be in such a way that doesn't disturb me: and you disturb me, so I have to destroy you.
    All of human effort is designed to create a utopia where I will not be disturbed. The problem is that if I create a utopia where I am not disturbed, it'll kill you.
    My perfect world would drive you mad: your perfect world would get me to leave here really quick.
    Because what's perfect for you, would be horrible for me; so it seems like everybody's against me. Which is not true, they just want you to stop disturbing them. If it bothers you having everybody be against you, then stop trying to create the perfect world and disturbing everyone around you and they'll treat you pretty decent...

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