Question: Where is Heaven?

    Is ``Where is hell?'' right after that one? Heaven and hell are inside me, and everybody knows that, because they're already in hell.
    If anybody can look at their life and say that it isn't hell then they can ask a stupid question like that. But anybody who looks honestly at their life knows that where they live is in hell. And its occasionally pleasant there, just like anywhere else. Rarely, but occasionally. Which means that heaven is in me, too.
    Its some kind of weird thing that people did when they decided that heaven and hell are places you go when you die. The joke is, that's true, its just that you already died and -- welcome to hell. And you died by deciding that your life had no value because it hurt and you didn't want it, and you died and you went to hell.
    Or you can decide to take up your life again and see the value of it and then you can go to heaven.

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