Question: What is love?

    There's no answer to that question. That's like asking somebody what the universe is -- how can you answer that question? It is infinite. Anything that somebody says about it will be about the very small corner they inhabit, won't they? Nobody can say what is the universe. They can only talk about the small corner that they inhabit.
    When you're dealing with something that's infinite there's no answer to it. That is what is known as an unanswerable question. Okay?
    I can't talk about what's infinite. I can approach the experience of love, which would be a really novel thing, by the method that we've given out over and over again which says, ``I will attempt to understand that everything that anyone has ever done, including me, or ever has done or ever will do that the time of doing it they believed it to be right, proper or justifiable.'' Instead of the alternate which says, ``you knew it was wrong and did it anyway.''
    And that's not even love, that's just a way to approach it.
    The experience of love can be discovered if I could actually see things the way that sentence works: its impossible for anyone to do something that they believe to be wrong. So, I guess we can say what love isn't.

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