Question: What are dreams?

    That question means absolutely nothing. You take, I'm picking an arbitrary number, I'm not saying this is real, but you take 5 different things that all happen while you're asleep and you lump them all together and call them one thing and then act as if there is only one thing. And then expect someone to answer that question as though it meant something.
    When you ask that question you assume that everything that happens while you're in a coma in bed is the same. Would you say the same thing about the dreams that you have while you're walking around when you're not in bed? That they're all the same thing? That they all have the same quality -- or would you maybe divide them up into different kinds of categories like: silly illusions; day dreams where the mind wanders for stimulation when its bored; and desires that you just know will make you happy; and real events that impinge on my dreams; and just plain old psychotic episodes -- and I'm sure that's only a partial list -- its just off the top of the head.
    But those are all dreams aren't they? But they don't all mean the same thing, I mean they're not all the same, so if somebody says, ``What are all these things,'' how's somebody supposed to answer that without spending years explaining the difference. Because obviously this person is so unaware that they can't even see the difference between a hallucination, a real event that I make stuff up about, and a psychotic episode. Isn't that right? So you're going to have to spend a long time just getting them to see that everything that they dream while they're walking around is not the same. And then you can talk to them about what each of those things is.
    So you want someone to tell you all this information about something that happens while you're in a coma, that anyone in their right mind would ignore -- so who cares? Why go to all that trouble to see the difference between one kind of dream and another and say what each of them is, when you could be alive and have access to whatever information you're looking for in your dreams by living?
    It doesn't make any sense. Somehow or another, you want dreams to be a key to something that you're too lazy to look for in your walking life, in your waking life. Isn't that insane? Anybody in their right mind just ignores dreams until they've seen their waking dreams.
    If someday you have a dream that's not just a bunch of rambling nonsense, it'll be obvious and it probably won't do you any good unless you have first looked at your waking dreams -- but it'll be obvious.

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