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Subject: Re: What's the difference between Sufi & Fourth Way?
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I have heard the term Sufi used and I do not know what it means. Is it the same as fourth way or is it some eastern mystical stuff like Buddhism? What is Sufi?

     What's the difference between a California orange and a Florida orange? They are different, aren't they? It's a matter of taste, eh?
     Sufism is a lot closer to the 4th Way than to Buddhism as a matter of taste. But they're all actually oranges -- although those who make orange juice these days seem to have forgotten what an orange is and think it comes as frozen orange chunks that you add water to.
     This is what's known in the trade as a wonderful waste of time and energy. Every moment one squanders wondering about these kinds of questions is a moment that might have been used for something useful. If you're not sure you've found the ideas that you can work with, then go find them and get to work ;) If you have found them, get to work ;)
     Someday, when you're a human being, you may be able to afford the time and energy that questions like these require. Then, let us know, would you? But, you probably won't, because the answer would require discernment that we hadn't developed because we are too interested in these questions ...

     By the way: if someone says they're a Sufi, they're not. Got that straight from a Sufi's mouth.

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