Question: Where did the idea of good and bad come from?

    Satan! Everybody knows that.
    It comes from the fact that some things hurt and some things don't. Isn't that right? Some things that you experience feel good and some don't.
    So people made up a word to express that. They said, ``When it doesn't hurt its good, and when it hurts, its bad.''
    And then they got really cuckoo, and they decided that those words referred to more than just the way I feel. That there was some kind of objective idea of good and bad beyond my subjective experience of this hurts me and this doesn't.
    When you just leave it in a subjective experience, then my good is not yours, is it?
    You love hot food, don't you?


    It hurts me and I don't like it.

    I know.

    I don't know why it doesn't hurt you. I've never figured out why hot food doesn't hurt most people. It does me.
    So hot food is bad. So I'll be a good conditioned person and I'll ban it. And I'll create a world where nobody can ever eat hot food. So I'll never run the risk of eating it by mistake ever again.

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