Question: What is self-respect?

    Self-respect is struggling very, very hard to live up to an illusion of who you ought to be. That's what self-respect is.
    There might be something real that a person could have, but that's what everybody does, so that's the answer. Why even talk about the real thing that a person could do? In order to do the real thing, there'd have to be a real person there.
    When more time is spent with questions like, ``What are the illusions that I have of me that prevent me from seeing what I really am'' than these questions that are for real people -- we might one day be able to answer these questions.
    In the meantime, it would be better to answer these questions with the illusion that I am actually seeking so that I can remove the desire for the illusion -- and see the reality that has been hidden all of my life behind my illusion of what I believe to be.

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Science of Man's Conscious Self-Evolution