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Date: Sat, 31 Aug 1996 12:11:18 -0700

    brian stacy queen wrote:

    I suspect some folks like Napoleon, and Perot never doubt themselves. How does this occur?

    You can't honestly expect someone to explain what you only suspect to be true, can you? We suspect that they do doubt themselves. Being effective in the man-made world is not a sign of lack of doubt. Doubt is an inner effect of having many personalities which simply simulate knowing. Both these folks probably heard from many doubts in their thoughts.
    Most of us look at the world through two different frames of reference, both made up of many i's. One frame of reference was made before the ``logical mind'' developed to the point where it could really function -- in childhood, in other words. Once the logical mind begins to function, we build another frame of reference that is more technical -- more based on actual testing of ideas against what happens. In most of us, these two ways of seeing the world coexist and pretend to be without contradiction (although we see the contradiction in others quite often, we rarely notice them in self, and then we just about always have a justification).
    Folks who use the second frame of reference to determine action most of the time seem to us to be very together and often very effective actors in the world. What goes on in the privacy of their own heads is known only to them. It is probable, though, that the first frame of reference bugs them about their inadequacies and insecurities and doubts just like it does us -- it just doesn't turn into the kind of action that you might consider to be doubts very often -- so you can't see it.
    But I wonder what kind of person who didn't have these inner doubts and insecurities would choose to play the role of world conqueror or president. I've noticed that most folks who find themselves free are more interested in using that freedom and possibly showing others the way to that freedom than indulging in power games.

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