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Date: 30 Oct 1996 09:12:06 GMT

(Jim) writes:

Stephen Paul Vanier wrote:
I agree, so I ask, How you going to stay in the realized state? How to "do" when you get so sleepy in the world, and it feels so good just to relax and sleep, just forget the exercises of

     In my eyes, this is one of the Truest questions that one should ask himself. This is the question I asked "Jim from Jerksonville", and his answer is worthy of one's attention. I believe each will do this in his own fashion, in his own 'method', his own way, that which works for him.
     Practice, practice, practice.... to silence one's self, is the way of entering this 'Realized State', though as simple as it is, it's never been easy for me. But through practice, the time spent in this 'State' becomes longer and more often. The rewards are Great.
     with respect, Jim

     ``I'' tried ``my'' way.
     Long after I knew beyond the shadow of a doubt that there was one who knew The Way, ``I'' tried it ``my'' way with everything that I could bring to the effort.
     ``I'' failed miserably.
     And that failure was its own success: when it was finally admitted that ``my'' way had been tried to completion, and had not worked, I was willing to follow The Way when it was pointed out, without reservations.
     The original meaning of perfect was complete, not its current corrupted meaning of ideal. Thus I followed ``my'' way to perfection: to its end -- which was right where ``I'' had started. Yet I was where I had started on a new level: now I knew that ``my'' way was completed, finished -- so I had gone somewhere after all, while turning in place.
     It has been said that it requires at most five to seven years to see what there is to do. Once seen, it takes very little to do when one has actually followed The Way for those five to seven years: perhaps six weeks to a few months of continuous non-stop effort. It may take a lifetime to do all that one then sees to do -- but that transformation which is clearly seen after five to seven years takes very little effort for the one who has been working at what there is to do until it is seen.
     For some it takes less than five years. There are those who see what is to be done almost immediately (within a year or so). It may take them a little more time to be able to do it. Seeing what is to be done and being able to do it are not always coincidental.
     Woe to those who finally see what is to be seen, and then discover that they are not developed enough to be able to follow the Way now that it is finally visible.

     While The Way is always unique to each unique human being, it is a very, very rare man or woman who can see that way for themselves.
     The self always knows everything, already.
     The great trick for the one who shows the way is to see the commonalities which can be used to point out the way to all. That one requires perfect inner freedom so that they can allow each to follow their own way in equal freedom -- and the objectivity to know when that one has left their own path, which is not the path of the one who shows the way.

     If one has been following one's way for more than five to seven years and is still working at maintaining whatever one sees as the ``rewards'' of one's way, one is either constitutionally slow or a deluded fool or not using the Fourth Way. For the last two there is hope: they may eventually come to their senses. For the first, they must just keep plugging away at it and hope for the best.

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