Question: Is it possible to love people without knowing them?

    I hope so, because I've never known anybody, have you? Everybody I ever knew, surprised me sooner or later -- something I didn't know about them -- so I hope so. Otherwise, I'm in real trouble, aren't I?
    Somebody assumes that they can know somebody -- no. Can't do that. Even the most mechanical human being occasionally surprises you with some new behavior you've never seen before, isn't that right? I don't care how mechanical they are and you think you know that machine inside and out, sooner or later it does something really unusual -- so you didn't know them, did you?


    Maybe I can be in the process of knowing someone. So maybe we could rephrase the question as ``Can I love someone while knowing them?'' instead.
    Because I already do know them, without being interested enough in them that I want to be in the process of knowing them. In other words, to be still interested in them, moment by moment by moment. I don't say, ``Okay, now I know that person, I can drop my interest in them.''
    Now, how can I love them when I'm not even interested enough to pay attention to them anymore because I know them? If I'm not interested enough in you to keep paying attention to you, no matter how many years I've known you, then how can I say, ``I love you'' -- when I won't even give you attention? What kind of love is that? That isn't even interested in what it supposedly loves?

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