Question: What is God's will?

    About what?

    Well, you always hear people saying, you know, ``I'm going to do what God wants me to do.'' So, I tried to shorten this question.

    Well, what was the full question? Because that's not the question people actually ask. Everybody I ever heard that asks that question means: ``What is God's will for me?''


    So that's another one of those unfinished things, huh?

    Sentences, right.

    Well, then finish the sentence for goodness' sake. Well, my guess would be that God's will for you is that you have a good time.
    I think He's probably sick of listening to you bitch about how miserable you are. So at this point in time, where you are right now, I bet his will is for you to have a good time and stop getting so miserable all of the time. What other will could there be for somebody who lives in misery all the time?
    What else could you ask of them? If you take somebody who is miserable all the time, what can you ask them to do? Nothin'. So, I guess about the only thing you could ask is that they get out of misery, isn't that about right?


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