Question: How do I know if God is speaking to me?

    Well, since that question was asked as ``how do I know'' the answer is probably you never will until something about the perception changes.
    Lets take the most obvious case of God talking to me. I go out and do something that's really bad for me. A day or two later, I start hurting.
    What do I do? I ask somebody for an aspirin. So how can you know when God's talking to you, when you won't even let Him talk to you in the simplest of ways which is through pain. When He tries, you tell Him to shut up.
    If you won't let Him talk to you in that easy way, how can you expect Him to even want to talk to you in a more complicated way? If every time He says something to you, you tell Him to shut up, how forthcoming do you think He will be?
    If every time I tried to talk to somebody, they said, ``Shut up,'' after a while, I'd just shut up.

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