Question: How do I get along with the opposite sex?

    How do you get along with friends of the same sex?

    I try to understand them.

    What's different about the way you deal with people of the same sex and people of the opposite sex?

    I want more from people of the opposite sex.

    That's exactly right -- so that's how you get along with them: stop expecting so much of them. Nobody could live up to your expectations. One might ask oneself a question, ``Do I live up to the expectations of people who date me?''
    So the answer is obvious, isn't it? Treat them like a friend instead of somebody whose going to make your life perfect.
    There's a funny little sentence that people tell each other that is called an unfinished sentence (we use unfinished sentences a lot) and it says, ``I love you.'' My recommendation to anyone who gets that sentence said to you is that you ask the person who said it to finish the sentence.
    Because that's not the whole sentence. They just said part of it and then stopped because the rest of it is so horrible no one would ever utter it out loud. Want to hear the rest of the sentence?
    It says, ``I love you, therefore you are obligated to make me happy all the time -- and, if you should ever fall down on that job, I will torment you until you are so miserable you'll take your job up again. I'll make your life a living hell.''
    That's called an unreasonable expectation in my book, that anybody else can live up to the job of making me happy all the time. I can't even do that for me. I don't know how I can expect anybody else to care enough to even try. I think maybe that's my job: to make me happy all the time.
    And then, instead of getting into a relationship that says, ``your job is to make me happy,'' I can get into a relationship that says, ``I'm already happy, now what are we going to do?''

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