Question: Is there something worth doing for humanity?

    You know, the thing is that those kinds of questions are what keep people in bondage. So, I'm supposed to sit here and take them seriously and answer them as if they were real questions when all they really are is just a way to make sure that I never do anything useful with my life.
    I'll just sit around and spend the rest of my life thinking about an unanswerable question like ``How do I benefit humanity?''
    When the answer is absolutely obvious -- go out and get a job. I mean, tough question, huh? Go get a job and produce something that other people value and make some money with it and spend it and you've benefitted humanity. Real hard thing to do.
    But that's not the answer we want. We want something big, something grand, something noble, something that will have an effect on humanity for a thousand years -- something that will make me look like the best thing since sliced bread, in other words -- something that will make me look really important.
    Do the obvious until every bit of that desire for power and importance and appreciation is burned out of you. Then maybe you can see what there is to do.

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