Question:      I should like to ask if there is a difference between what you are sayiong and Jiddu Krishnamurti's teachings.

     If there's a difference, then Krishnamurti is probably right, and this one probably wrong ;) Either way, the listener is responsible for finding out if the speaker is telling the truth.

     Is self remembering one thing that somebody can be aware of? I meen can I know that I am remembering my self? Because if it is possible then it looks like awareness of awareness,which I think is not possible,because then thought is in operation. Then we introduce the whitness which is nothing but thought and we call it higher self,which is the same self pushed a little backwards.

     Theoretical questions. Aren't they lovely?
     Why don't you experience it for yourself? Then there would be no need for comparing an answer with theory. You would know.
     One is certainly aware of the side effects and experience of Self remembering. Just as one is aware of the side effects of not remembering Self.
     Self remembering is a state of being, a minimum degree of energy and vibration: at that level of vibration, one starts calling the state Self remembering. One of its side effects is an intense realization of one's presence in the eternal now, and a reduction of the perception that I am a personality and its history, thoughts, feelings and sensations. So many have named it Self remembering.
     Its just a name. Don't take the name seriously. One could as well call it froblioushvarialling. What matters is the availability of energy and degree of awareness.
     I am, regardless of sophistries. The personaility is a transitory illusion, no matter what arguments are used.

     You choose to identify awareness with thought, not this one.

     The study is easier and expedited with one who knows. Surely in Greece there is someone who can assist your efforts. Find them. Time is short.

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