Question: How come if I'm sacrificing so much to be a good person, with high moral standards, how come no one appreciates me for it? (someone laughs)

    Why is that funny? You've never felt that way?

    That's why its funny.

    Why? What's funny about it?

    Just because I have felt that way.

    What's funny about it?

    Because what my experience of that is is because its a royal pain in the ass to be around somebody who has to be good all the time.

    So, who have you been around that has to be good all the time?


    Who else? Because you're not objective about yourself so you don't know what the hell is true. We can't use you as an example.

    Okay. My boss.

    I don't know her. Again, I don't know whether your attitude about good is coloring what you see.
    That's one of those great questions that actually has the answer in it, which means that's its a real question. If its a sacrifice to be a good person then I'm not being a good person, I'm looking for payment. Which means that everybody doesn't experience me as a good person, they experience me as someone who's doing things and then demanding payment.
    And that is not good nor is it moral and it annoys the hell out of people. If somebody could be a good person without sacrifice I bet most everybody would love it.

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