Question: Why is love the most sought after desire and why do people run like hell when it comes to them?

    Well, its sought after because that's what the universe is made out of. Everything in the universe is made out of love.
    In our inner world we live with this incredible being who loves us absolutely and perfectly. And we never had to earn it. And we chose of our own free will to turn away from that.
    We said, ``That's not enough, I don't just want to be loved, I want to live without pain.''
    And since the only way that I can exist, my very essence of existence (which is called having free will) means I have to experience pain, I turned away from the perfect experience of love. So everybody is upset -- they were designed to sit in the midst of love all the time and they turned away from it, looking for something else which doesn't exist -- because they wanted something else.
    As most anybody can tell you, they don't like themselves very much, they don't feel good about themselves much of the time. For somebody who doesn't love themselves, one of the most horrible things they can experience is being loved, because it constantly reminds them that they hate themselves.
    So you can get into relationships with people that are based on anything but love and it'll be okay. If you want to have arguments all the time, that'll be okay. If you want to have sex all the time, that'll be okay. If you want to spend all of your time making fun of each other, that'll be okay. Maybe after a few years you'll both get bored and split, but if you actually love the other person they might just be gone in a few months -- unless you figure out some way to keep from shoving it in their face so they can learn to like themselves first.

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