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By Request: Bulletin Board

The indexed search is something of an experiment. I don't even know if readers will find it of value. If you do, let me know, and I'll work on it a bit more.

What Is Going on Here?

By Request: Looking for others in my area

     We've had a few requests for information about where workshops are scheduled. This information is here, but obviously difficult to find: listed at the bottom of this page as Scheduled Workshops.
     There's also a list of people who either meet weekly, schedule workshops, or who are looking for others in their area, again near the bottom of this page, called Work Groups. I'm going to change this just a tad. For those with E-Mail addresses, your desire to find others will be listed on this page with your E-Mail address by request. Send mail to wantworkers@inxservices.com if you want to be added to this list. I'm too lazy right now to make a form for this purpose.
     There's also a small mailing list that you can join to discuss whatever, hopefully on the subject of the Work. The list gets little traffic right now. Send mail to request to join: understanding that it is a privilege, not a right.
Picture of Man

Linda tells me this is the ``egg.''
Wonder what will come of it?

Essays on Inner Work and Transformation

Real Change and Personal Transformation
     A brief description of the Science of Man's Conscious Self-Evolution and Transformation.

The Necessity of Disidentification
Disidentification and Self-Improvement
     A couple of talks about one of the most neglected aspects of Transformation.

Learning to Learn
     You may not want to read this: a discussion of the preparation necessary to using the Teaching ideas.

     Transcripts of week-end workshops.

  I'm an aimless drifter, so:
     Take me seriously, 'cause
  shortly I'll be gone.
  Movin' on to God knows what.
  Unready for whatever is there.
  It's all okay:
      Life has a cure for all that ails me;
      (the other side of Life's coin).

  For those who are wondering: the author is fine and still wants to stay around for a while.

Comments from our Guest Book

     Let us feel wanted -- add your own with our Guest Book(form).

Introductions to the Science of Man

Four Ideas to Consider
     An overview of the Science of Man's Conscious Self-Evolution and a description of the way a human being functions.
Realizing Potential
     An in-progress transcript of a week-end workshop on the work of self-understanding and realizing one's potential.

Poetry and Short Stories

the Face of Love
     A prose poem on completion.
A Winter Solstice Prayer
     NEW: prose poem on the time of dying.
Poetry and Short Stories
     Written by students.


View from the Real World
     An (unfinished) book on the Science of Man's Conscious Self-Evolution.

Questions and Responses

Questions and Responses
        (There's a new one as of June 23, 2001)
Send Your Question
     See if it gets added to Questions and Responses!

Workshops on the Science of Man

Science of Man's Conscious Self-Evolution Workshop
     Learn more about the Science of Man and Conscious Evolution, what constitutes a School and Teaching and Teacher.
Request a Workshop in Your Area
Scheduled Workshops
Work Groups


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