Workshop on the Way of Conscious Intelligence

Schools -- Inner and Outer

Until recently there were two kinds of schools that taught man's conscious evolution from a natural, conditioned being to a conscious, self-motivated individual -- inner and outer schools.

What Is a School?

Often these schools have a physical location where people work together on some project. The normal friction that happens when people work together is knowingly used by the students to assist them in their efforts at evolving. In order for this to really work, there must be several factors brought together by someone -- either the student or the head of the school (although the student must eventually be responsible for bringing these factors together them self).

  1. The Teaching Ideas. These are ideas that accurately describe man and his physiology, psychology and environment; and the way things work. They are given without authority. That is, those who speak of them always say that they were given to man by a higher intelligence without claiming to have authored the ideas themselves. They say that the ideas are completely verifiable -- and that each who wishes to learn them learns by testing them, not by memorizing and believing in them.
        The student is actually a student of the teaching ideas, not of a school nor of a ``teacher.'' When an idea cannot be verified by the student, it is to be put on a shelf until such time as it can be verified.
  2. A Student Using the Teaching Ideas. To just hear the ideas is not enough. The student must be responsible for: firstly, actually verifying the teaching ideas; and secondly, using them in the course of their daily activities. When someone attempts to use the ideas without first verifying them they have some effect on perception and behavior, simply because they are accurate. When they are used by someone who has determined for them self that they are a true description of human affairs, they are used with understanding to powerful effect on human evolution.
        It is usually given that an idea is verified by the effort of attempting to prove the idea wrong. When someone has made every effort they can to prove an idea wrong -- and cannot -- that person is now certain beyond simple belief. It is also given that the student of the ideas will apply the same test to what they already ``know'' -- that they will attempt to prove their current ideas wrong. Thus a student of the teaching discovers that most of what is already ``known'' turns out to be disprovable, and is seen as an illusion that was believed without proof -- known as personality or conditioning or the self in most schools.
  3. In Relationship with Others. Contrary to popular belief, it is almost impossible to evolve by oneself. Thus, the school provides a group of people working together for their own personal evolution -- and eventually for the evolution of mankind as a whole. As one relates with other people (in whatever relationship -- this is not necessarily a romantic relationship), much of self that might never have otherwise been seen is pointed out by others.
        Much of self is protected by powerful barriers, because it is believed that behind those barriers lies great pain -- some painful experience or memory. So the student would not normally look there without some overriding purpose or need. Others provide that need -- they keep bumping into that part of self and pointing out (probably unintentionally) that it is being protected -- and it is realized that it must be looked into (usually to avoid the pain that comes when it is bumped into).

Thus a school does not really need to be a physical location that one goes to and works at. For one thing, this isn't always practical. For another, it is often easier to do the work of evolving when others have no idea what one is doing. In other words, one doesn't need to be in relationship with others who know that one is working towards self-evolution. We enjoy that, because we can discuss the ideas and what we are learning and experiencing while using them.

But that is not necessary for our purpose of self-evolution. Everyone provides that constant friction -- we get it on the job, in our romantic relationships, with our families, in our recreation -- everywhere that we go. So one can be in school all the time. As long as one has the teaching ideas and is working with them -- trying to prove them wrong, and using those ideas that one has determined are accurate as an aid to perception -- and one is in relationship with one or more other people -- one is in school.

What Is a Science of Man Teacher?

A lot of mystique has been created over the centuries about teachers. Unless you are yourself a teacher, its not really useful to talk about the job description.

But there is one thing that is worth knowing about teachers. There is only one teacher, and their name may be called Living. If the person who is playing the role of ``teacher'' does not know that their job is simply to make it possible for the student to know the real teacher, Who is within each of us, then they are a scary imitation of a teacher -- they're not doing their job, in other words -- and we may not want to find out what they're really doing.

In some ways, one can say that there is no real method for self-evolution. Rather, evolution comes about from being in relationship with the teacher within, Life, Who can do anything, while the personal I can accomplish very little towards that end. A teacher of the science of man always understands this and plays the role of teacher to assist the student in consciously relating with the real teacher Who is within all of us, and in some ways could be said to be the most real ``part'' of us.

A teacher of the science of man's self-evolution must, of course, give the teaching ideas in a way that they can be understood by a conditioned, partially evolved, human being. They usually give some way of working with the ideas -- not that the way they suggest is the only way; it is a way of working with the ideas. Students are free to come up with their own way that works for them, as long as it fits the simple guideline of trying to prove the ideas wrong so one comes to certainty.

There is also a key to understanding all expressions of the teaching ideas that is known only to a few, that we call the Picture of a Human Being. Part of that key has been given out publicly, but the key to understanding it is only given out privately, one on one, at this time.

What Does This Have to Do With Science of Man Workshops?

Rather than starting a school in a physical location, which would require that people leave their present way of living and come to work at a school, it has been decided to provide workshops wherever you are. A speaker comes to you, and spends a weekend describing some of the teaching ideas as clearly as possible. You can then spend a few months between workshops working with the ideas given in that weekend.

The speaker is always available between workshops (through the magic of telephony) to answer questions and clear up misconceptions. If you want, you can work with the others who attend the workshop with you. A slower, and more detailed, weekly series of talks is available for attendees that you can use with your fellow students, or personally.

When you have received the teaching ideas, and are working with them in the privacy of your own awareness, with others who may or may not have attended a workshop or even know what you're doing -- you are in the school -- Life's school of living. Which is the only real school -- and Life is the true teacher, Who is always with you and within you.

Why Do I Need a Teacher?

Perhaps you don't. Perhaps all you need is a description of where you are, and what can be done. That's what the workshops are for. To provide very valuable information that has been freely given to mankind for growth and development as a human being, with very little cost or obligation to anyone involved.

There is a little essay available that you may find interesting on the subject of wanting the Teaching and someone to work with while using the Teaching Ideas.

Requesting a Workshop

A form has been provided that you can use to find out what is required to sponsor a workshop in your area, and to invite someone to come and speak and lead a workshop.

If you are in the Los Angeles area, feel free to send mail and request to meet someone who can talk to you more about the Science of Man's Conscious Self-Evolution.

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