A Winter Solstice Prayer

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Where do I live?
In a world where people send Christmas cards, which mention Christmas as an afterthought, after lovely little poems about the pleasures of this world or the bounties of Nature, whatever that is: but neither Christ nor God.
Where do I live?
In a world where everyone talks about love, constantly looks for love, incessantly demands to be loved, just as they are; and always claims to be loving -- even when doing the most violent, harmful acts imaginable only to the darkest demon from the deepest pit.
Where do I live?
In a world where people speak ill of their loved ones and tell each other what fools they are and how they could not possibly get along in this world without their help, and then get upset if I speak badly of anything, because I am cynical and yet authoritatively tyrannical; they, on the other hand, are loving