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    As many have heard, there has been much discussion about the possibility that the human experiment may be abandoned as unfruitful. This is not entirely accurate.

    We are here at an interesting time, when fourth force is just beginning to be introduced; fourth force of a rather long project (from our point of view). I do not claim to be a prophet who can predict what will be. I can only look at this moment and make educated guesses based on probability like everyone else.

    What is clear is that the consequences of our unconscious actions from lack of understanding have been withheld, as best as possible, while fourth force was being introduced to humanity.

    What we have seen of that force, so far, consists of at least three very striking events: a change in human perception which made the introduction of what we now call technology and science possible for all human beings rather than a privileged few; a new message about what is possible for humanity and the direction of human evolution; and the second force that may make it possible or destroy everything that has been accomplished so far.

    What is that message? Well, it's almost the same message we've heard all of our lives, except that it's been put in very simple, plain, clear, down-to-earth language that anyone can understand with a little effort; with the addition of some information about what the outcome of human evolution can be and a much more efficient means of using that message for personal evolution.

    No more symbols. No more parables. Just in-your-face facts, thank you very much.

    There's a bit more to it than that, but that in a nutshell was the beginning of the fourth force: we live in a time when everyone can make the effort to live a conscious, loving life. Not just a privileged few. Everyone.

    We no longer need to spend all of a day's energy making a living, surviving. We are each the privileged recipients of a technology that makes it possible for every single human being to earn enough in a few hours each day to survive, and survive in comfort. We all can have the excess time and energy to do whatever is necessary to live rather than merely survive. Except that we're not sure just what that means; we're not sure what to do with all our ``free'' time.

    We do not need to be one of the few who are supported by the many in a study that takes a lifetime; because the study and work now only takes a few years to come to transformation. And we are the privileged recipients of a time, place and circumstances when ideas that have always been veiled can be spoken of openly and plainly.

    These are the first signs of an emerging fourth force in the human experiment.

    It was mentioned earlier: the consequences of our unconscious living have become exaggerated as our position becomes more privileged. To create the conditions where everyone is given the possibility to live a transformed conscious life, the planet has been made ``smaller'' as we call it today.

    Everyone is clearly in relationship with everything now. What someone does on the other side of the planet affects each of us now. We are no longer isolated in any way other than by our own personal choices that keep us living in fear and isolation.

    Thus the pollution of those living unconsciously now has the potential to render the Earth unfit for life as we know it for a very long time. While all this was being set up, as we went from a small third to fourth force, we were somewhat protected from the consequences of living in a polluted inner world, which radiates out into the outer world as physical pollution and destruction of all kinds.

    I am the recipient of that grace, as are you. What will we do with what has been given?

    I do not see how much longer we can be protected from the consequences of our folly. The ``magic'' may be over, and over soon. Fourth force has been established on our planet. That effort has been accomplished. Now, what will we do with that fact? What contribution will we make to what is being created here?

    Will we see clearly enough to make the next effort? Or will we continue trying to do that which has already been accomplished without seeing the folly of that waste of time and energy? For those who are serving as guides, it is time to see the Work in relationship to the Great Work.

    Those who continue to live in their small, personal, polluted world will contribute to the destruction of all that has been made possible by the efforts of so many for these many thousands of years that humanity has been evolving here. This has always been true. It is the job of each of us to see the forces that work towards creation and destruction and choose, one way or the other.

    Who will step out of their small, petty and mean personal problems and take up the great task that has been set before us: to contribute to the outcome of the human experiment? The way is no longer hidden. It is no longer obtuse. It is clear as clear can be to those who choose to see and hear; it has been opened to all.

    Each of us can live with the presence of the Life Force (which we call X). I was made in that image, and in that image I can choose to live, freely and with full awareness. We no longer need to hide or protect ourselves from that awesome force: it will no longer destroy us by mere contact. Some more than others; but we can all live consciously as that Presence without it destroying us.

    This has not always been so without tremendous personal effort. It is so now, with very few exceptions.

    It is time for the caterpillar to dissolve inside its cocoon. The emergence for each personally can come in this world, not the next. For those of us living now, we may only see the dissolution in the outer world and never see what will be created in its place; even though we have experienced the whole of that transformation and the whole of fourth force within: the outer world evolves much slower than the inner.

    It is time for the butterfly's life cycle to be turned over: many years as a butterfly, a moment in metamorphosis, and a few as caterpillar. If you know anything about the life cycle of a butterfly, it is not that way now. The caterpillar spends quite a while growing and developing as a caterpillar; a short time in transformation; and some but a few days to procreate and begin the cycle anew for yet another butterfly.

    We can contribute to a world where that is turned over for humanity: the butterfly is simply an outer parable of an inner reality. We will probably never see that world, but our contribution will assist in its creation.

    As I look back over what I know of the history of this funny little mud ball, I am grateful to those who came before and made it possible for me to live in a time when I can contribute to the creation that humanity was designed to create. I am grateful to all those who contributed to humanity's evolution so that I could be one who can contain the awesome will and desire of X with only a little occasional discomfort.

    We are those who will make that possible for all those to come without even that little stress; and for each of us, individually, now. Can we accept that which has been given? Or will we turn away and look for that which does not exist instead: a comfortable life lived unconsciously as a god in my own, personal, uncreated world?

    What is your life for? What can you contribute? It is time to answer these questions. If you are waiting for something, you are wasting your time: what you are waiting for has come and gone while you were asleep. The way is known and has been opened and given as clearly as it can be shown to those who sleep their lives away.

    We can cry and moan if we like that we live in a time of the dissolution of what is so that a new what can be created. Or we can die to that within ourselves, and see for ourselves what that new creation will be, by seeing what it is within each of us. By that we will each of us see a small reflection of what will be when the fourth force is not a small beginning, but a reality. By that we will be able to make some small contribution to that reality which is growing and living today as a seed, as like contributes to like.

    Healing is possible when you admit that you are wounded and use the truth that promotes health and well-being. Regeneration is possible when you will see what has been given and make use of it for your growth and contribute to Life in love.

    Because the train has always stopped at this station, and another train has always come this way taking all who wanted aboard, we assume that the conductor is just chiding when he says that a ticket is required now. Or we imagine many things about what that may mean. But it's really very simple. No one is going to convince you any more. You're either ready for the journey, or you're not.

    There is no time left to put it off. We cannot end the hurt while we are hurt ourselves. We cannot end the conflict while we are in conflict ourselves. We cannot end the destruction while we are destroying ourselves.

    We will only continue to do that which harms ourselves, others, and our world. How much more can we bear?

The End

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